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“AKAΔHMEIA” Proceedings reflect the stages of a longstanding Project “Universe of Plato’s Thought” which has been carrying out since 1993 under the guidance of Plato’s Society and Young Scholars of The Saint Petersburg State University together with The Saint Petersburg State University Philosophy History Department.  The Project is mainly aimed at scientific consolidation and forming of theoretical background for the Study of Philosophical Antiquities taken as a new phase in Humanities Development that reflect some needs in Modern Culture. This aim has been implemented in studying Plato’s Teaching and his Philosophical Heritage and Platonism Destiny as philosophical, scientific and cultural consciousness preconditions for European civilization history. Comparative problems are also under investigation, that is, Platonism and leading alternative philosophical and religious conceptions are interrelated. The Project has been carried out at The Sociology Research Institute at Russian Academy of Science since 2012.

Sponsored by the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Foundation. Federal public autonomous scientific institution, Center of information technologies and systems of executive authorities  Russian Federation Ministry of Education and Science, Number for State Registration 01201273112

The Head of the Project Ph.D. Alexey V. Tsyb

ISSN 1029-8029

E-mail: alex@AC9195.spb.edu

Web site: http://www.platoakademeia.ru/index.php/ru/academeia