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About Institute

Federal State Institution of Science
The Sociological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

St-Petersburg branch of the Institute of Sociology of USSR Academy of Science (AS USSR) was established on the basis of Sociological department Socio-Economic problems Institute of AS USSR in 1989, then it was converted into the Sociological institute of Russian Academy of Science (SI RAS) in 2000.

Director is Vladimir V. Kozlovskiy

Main scientific research directions of the Institute:

  • Theoretical, methodological and instrumental resources for social process describing, explaining and predicting
  • History of Sociology and other Social Sciences in Russia in comparative perspective; Sociological theory researching
  • Social structure transformation and mass consciousness changing in contemporary Russia
  • Socio-Institutional dynamics of Authority groups and social movements
  • Sociology of Law, Deviation and Social control
  • Social mechanisms in scientific, innovative and socio-labor activities
  • Family, gender and sexuality transformations in connection with demographic and social trends
  • Health problems in the context of socio-cultural changings

SI RAS includes 5 departments, Research and Education Center, Office staff.
There are 10 researching centers were created on the base of scientific departments in the Institute.