Филиал Федерального Научно-исследовательского социологического центра Российской академии наук

International Conference “Significance of the Russian Revolutions of 1917”

International Conference “SIGNIFICANCE OF THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTIONS OF 1917” (2th–3th November 2017, Saint-Petersburg, Russia) organised by the Sociological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The conference aims at understanding social phenomenon of Russian revolutions of 2017, discussing global changes in social and cultural orders in the post-revolutionary world, sharing new theoretical ideas about a “revolutionary turns” in general.

We invite proposals from researchers of various spheres such as sociology, philosophy, political sciences, history, anthropology, etc.

Paper proposals up to 300 words and a brief biographical note should be registered by 30 June 2017. Register at Conference by clicking here – REGISTER

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